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Working at VisualShower

“It’s just cool in itself that you are working at VisualShower.”

VisualShower values our workers’ quality of life, and this is validated by the message on our answering machine: “We are Visual Shower, the development studio which has no overtime work!” This has been our motto since the company’s inception at the venture center of Yonsei University in 2006. We truly believe that making an effort to improve our workers’ daily lives by eliminating rampant overtime work in the IT industry is the cornerstone of a sound business. Some companies choose not to have a ranking system; however, we disagree with this because we believe that promotion motivates and satisfies people more by getting the right rewards in return for their valuable work.
We are making a place where new employees want and have a longing to become their superiors when looking at their superiors. In order to prevent blocking communication or obstructing creativity, we carefully designed an open plan space without partitions.
VisualShower is a warm and welcoming company that fosters an environment among our employees of friendship. We are more like family than coworkers, more like older brothers than bosses, more like younger brothers than junior staffs.

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The Development Studio in Silicon Valley

We’d like to introduce the studio management system for overseas, which is inspired by the management system of the Antarctic base. Generally speaking, the overseas branch means dispatching a sales team from headquarters for expanding the network, but Visual Shower is totally different.
We hope that Korean developers and developers from another country will experience working together as fellow workers. And we hope this cooperative experience will increase our competitiveness.
The overseas development studio will have local developers and dispatched Korean developers in the ratio of one to one and they will work in teams.
Existing Korean developers will guide a newly dispatched Korean developer for adjusting the new environment in the USA. One of the dispatched workers will return to South Korea and one developer from South Korea will be dispatched to the USA every six months. If the system is expanded worldwide, you will have the opportunity to become one of the best developers having a global work experience with developers from all over the world.

Incentives for Living

We are managing on welfare spending more efficiently and it is different from other large companies.
If you become a good role model for other people for living life passionately, you provide incentives for welfare spending regardless of the number of the workers.
Beyond the money, you will have a great life as you enjoy getting the incentives, just like achieving missions in a game.

Please Leave! Those Who Want to Study!

VisualShower encourages going to school. We know the value of study that cannot be learned once people graduate from university. Is there an educational institution for teaching “Operation and Management” or “Principles of Marketing”? What about “Distal Logic Circuit” or “Abstract Algebra”?
Your learning process is the process of Visual Shower’s growth. You can always work while going to school. We will consider and enable you to spend daytime at school by shortening your working hours up to 40 percent.

For Beautiful Work Environment

We put lots of effort on maintaining a clean and fresh environment and beautiful interior design for all fellow workers. With such efforts, we are about to move our office to Gangnam and plan to have a cutting edge development studio behind the still handsome studio. We do our best to continue to improve our work environment and you can be proud of being a member of VisualShower.

Getting Out from a Small Pond and Heading to the Universe!

The annual “Overseas Workshop” of Visual Shower began in 2006, and ran for five years, with 2011 one of the most significant events in Korea’s IT industry. We were not satisfied with the system and, therefore, have made a newly upgraded overseas workshop system for long-term employed personnel. We will choose those who have been good role models and send workshops to the USA, EU, etc. Aren’t you excited about becoming the next one?


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