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“Towards the platform that is beyond platform, Platform V”

Advertising platform, social networking platform, statistic platform, charging platform, you can apply all of these with just one line code.
Visual Shower thought about one thing. Why is everything scattered here and there despite the fact that it’s all similar in technology?, Why does it make developers’ work even more difficult?
Your elegant codes no longer need to be messy for Flurry, AppAnnie, ChartBoost, AdMob, and receipt servers. It will solve everything, statistics, advertisements, transaction analysis, cyber payment abuse, with just one module applied with just one line code.


Maximize the sociality

“It can connect to various social platforms.”

You don’t need to apply SDK of various service platforms one by one when using Platform V. It provides essential functions for social network services, such as friends’ lists, sending messages, updating images, and virtual cash management for connecting to the various platforms, like Kakao, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, it can also add or delete friends through the address books in email or cell phones. Also, the game portal bulletin board, which does not require a log-in every time as long as you’re signed in to email, will support your customers in order to use more communities with no inconvenience.

Easy Customer Care

“It’s a platform that has full-blown support in log-in account management and a fast notification system.”

It can manage log-in accounts by connecting to all sorts of social platforms, without requiring additional user registration. It’s not only able to make or modify email and nickname freely, but also provides strong function for blocking accounts with notification to those users who have a record of hacking or abusing. Such notification can be used in many different forms: terms and conditions, simple announcements, updating announcements, event announcements, etc., since it can be printed out in a variety of ways without using the WebView control or switching apps. If you plan to hold events, like daily attendance or gift events, you can lead the high participation users and manage fairer operation through this feature of Platform V.

Online Game Support

“Playing more fun games with messaging and a matchup system.”

Can you imagine that users of your game sending messages to other users playing other games? And, what if they could send gifts and exchange items through the message?
It’s all possible if it supports Platform V. It also enables users who are not jacking in the game to receive and reply messages right away, supporting Push Notification of each type of OS. Smooth communications between users allows for leading more influx of the users with Platform V, and short distance matchup competition functioning, using Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS. Provide all the fun of playing games with others, sending and receiving gifts between friends, having rank competitions with data over a long distance, enjoying real-time competition over a short distance, and more, by using Platform V.

Variety of Design

“It’s possible to have various designs for changing the skin.”

It provides a basic template and support functions for revisions. You can make your own skin that considers all the functions of Platform V if you design with the rendering tool included in our middleware package. You don’t have to give up any of the features. You can choose a well-matched look of each genre of Arcade, Rhythm, Collect & Battle, RPG, etc.

Upgrade Development Environment

“It brings improvements to development capabilities by providing a test environment and tracking data through OTA.”

It’s essential to test the device before releasing, but do you worry about the inconvenience and security issues when testing the app prototypes?
The OTA of Platform V has no worries related to such issues because it uses an uploading method to the website and can choose the setting for download and run an authority for each version and app. It’s possible to check and maintain all kinds of statistical data for individuals and to check real-time data progress by creating logs at scheduled time intervals. This is possible because it supports generating statistical marketing data, such as Download, DAU, ARPDAU, Play Time, and others, automatically without any special settings. The more convenient and simple way of testing and more accurate data collection will bring you significantly improved development capabilities.

Stable Payment Process in the App

“It provides solutions to the API that change depending on the platforms.”

The inconvenience of revising and supporting each individual platform will disappear, as the common purchasing API for each kind of open market is built in. It can fundamentally prevent item abuse with a server side item spawning system. It also solves all payment abuse issues in the app based on the characteristics of the platform’s stability, and supports the refunds function in the case of Google Play®, and the restoration function in the case of Apple AppStore®.

Excellent Security

“We protect you from hacking and abuse.”

All important data at Platform V will be handled with encrypted codes. It prevents real-time hacking in the open market as data is being saved. Meet the most reliable platform for preventing abuse, hacking, and sharing of user’s important and confidential information in accordance with the personal information protection laws.

Promotion Tools

“It is possible to have easy and effective promotions with VSAD.”

VSAD is the most effective promotions you can have with one line code. It supports all full page and footer advertisements and is also capable of managing the advertisement print schedule according to your specifications. Even though such management will be performed on the web, there is no chance of breaking the advertisement sign offline.
Take advantage of all functions by using the AdMob service for advertisement profits, and VSAD for cross-promotion with other games with the simplest promotion tool that VisualShower has ever made.

Supporting for Contents Download Network (CDN)

“Your client package will be lighter.”

Client packages larger than 50 MB lower the accessibility of the mobile environment. However, Platform V makes the client package lighter. Implementing the download function is made easier by uploading the rest of the data later on in the server. It has no problem working with many versions from frequent updates since such data for downloading is separated by each version.


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