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“We need technology to create works of art.”

Until the first title “Left-Brain Bites” was released, VisualShower’s efforts were focused on making an integrated development platform for wired and wireless devices.
First off, we really wanted to improve the poor environment in which we had to develop terminal games using emulator and development kits. Such objectives led us to produce the mobile unified development environment based on Windows Visual Studio and native C++ language.
VisualShower is the only company in the world providing this environment. VisualShower’s software engineers are able to make creative smartphone content by using our own middleware, which is easier to use than Eclipse® or XCode®. Finally, version 3 of this middleware technology is about to launch in Silicon Valley, California, USA.


“Rapid Development Middleware for Every Apps”

Developers need to continually work on all kinds of new platforms, as well as ones that already exist. With our middleware, you can just concentrate on developing conveniently in the Windows Visual Studio debugging environment, without worrying about messy platform support issues, complex language problems, and other inconveniences.
It is too burdensome for small companies and indie-developers to use the current well-designed engines that are in the market today, such as Unity, UDK, etc. Also, other engines, such as Cocos 2D-X, do not have enough support for cross compiled environments and engine structure compared to the common heavy engines.
However, the middleware from VisualShower, which was developed over several years, allows for beautiful structural designs of the scene graph that are used in the heavy 3D game engines of the PC platform. Also, it can express your ideas easily by using apps without involving complex 3D game engines. It will not lower performance as it is a native engine and very easy to learn if you are a C++ programmer.
This, of course, allows for developing other simple smart apps, such as our apps titled “Simply Calendar Series”, “Practice in Musical Score.” and ETC.

Proven Stability

“It is a proven highly stabilized middleware that has a long development history.”

Today, it covers various smartphone platforms, such as iOS, Android, and others, by going through feature phone platforms of WIPI-C, etc., since the Win32 and Qualcomm Brew platforms were first developed. The stability and the technology have already been proven as we have released our title on most platforms. Our famous White Island Series and Beat & Hit games are outcomes of this middleware.

High Performance

“It demonstrates very high performance on the native code middleware.”

It’s not a working script engine on the virtual machine. It’s a native engine that is perfectly composed on C++ via Objective-C and Java platform bridge design.
Everything is ready for you to show the best performance of the application that you develop. It already shows more than 30 frames per second, rendering exceptional performance on a feature phone platform. Now, you can even now download and test commercial products, such as Jump Paradise and the White Island Series, in the feature phone market.

Simple Implementation

“This middleware has a high speed renderer that is using a GPU and other 3D engineers are not needed.”

Don’t you think Unity and UDK are too heavy and inconvenient to develop apps fast and in a simple way? Also, you must not be satisfied with Cocos 2D series’ structure, which is inconvenient for porting. We have optimized our OpenGL®-based 3D rendering engine for those who need fast and light high performance to develop simple 2D games and apps. While rendering acceleration handles all the hardware performance, you can simple work on developing a 2D program.

Supporting Multi-Platforms

“The true means of multi-platform is middleware.”

Are you still working with complex and tiresome processes, changing from iOS to XCode, porting from Eclipse to Java for Android? Are you trying to find the product that updates really fast in both platforms? Then, experience the genuine multi-platform middleware that everyone wants, and apply it all form the PC Windows platform to the iPhone®, Android®, and even SONY PSP® and Mac OSX®.
It will program as you are making programs for the PC using the robust Visual Studio debugging system, with middleware that consists of a single API. All you need to do is program, without thinking about managing memories and the complicated systems of each different platform.
If you work for less than 10 minutes following the guide, your product will be targeted to program whether it’s for an Android phone or iPhone.
An extra benefit is that many different screen sizes can be combined into one optimum resource.

Ease of Use

“It’s very easy to use.”

Developing a program with our middleware will not only apply a specific Visual Shower development tool. You can use any kind of development program that you choose, and it guarantees the completion of your program by including a powerful resource manager and debugger.
It applies C++ language for development so there is no need to learn new languages like Objective-C or Java, for transferring to mobile platforms for the existing native developer.
You can simply work as usual.

Systematic Configuring

“Mass Engine, the real means of systematic configuring.”

It is a masterpiece of integrated know-how from several 3D engines developed over many years. Beautiful engine structure must not belong (or be limited) to any specific language or platform.
Systematically layered interfaces from an API Bridge Layer and completely modulated engine cores with OOP structure allow you to use only the necessary parts, such as the network or sound engines. It also guarantees safety and fast performance when you use the entire highest middleware layer with the manager and app core.
The perfect example of this is Visual Shower’s native service server, which was developed by this middleware and has been working with high performance ever since.

Applying Various Functions

“It supports file compression and encryption and all the convenient functions.”

It covers all the troublesome work that can annoy you in the process of development: file encryption, decoding, resource compression, packaging, real time decompression, and compression data cashing. You cannot find the PNG file any more upon opening the packaging file of the app that you made?
All data will be managed with perfect and efficient compression, with no need to be concerned about whether the task was done. This middleware will take care of everything.

Best Performance

“Intelligent Resource Manager, this memory manager will maximize the system performance.”

You do loading when you use resources and releasing when you are finished.
The reference counter that is internally managed will do the loading automatically when it really needs the resource and it will automatically release it when it doesn’t.
Even if it loads 100 times, it is a matter of course that it actually occurs only once.
Also, the memory manager optimizes the memory management in the insufficient mobile environment. Detailed reporting is an essential function that cannot be excluded regarding memory-leak in the source level.
White Island, which operates on phones with 600 KB of memory, is an excellent example showing the capability of a tremendous amount of resources and special real-time operational memory and practical management.

Expectation and Satisfaction

“There are more interesting features waiting for you, developer!”

As you use all of the middleware features, you will realize that how hard time it would be if you actually had to make them. We have been developing the middleware for 10 years starting with version 2.0 in 2004. However, we have never stopped improving the technology. We are now preparing for version 3.0 in cooperation with the Planned Development Studio, who are in the process of establishing their office in Silicon Valley.
The wait is almost over. We plan to distribute version 3.0 directly through the site that is for opening to the public later in Silicon Valley, California, USA.


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