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About us

About us


“We study and develop interesting high-end technology for people’s enjoyment.”

VisualShower is an IT venture company that researches and develops state-of-the-art engineering technology in various fields for people’s enjoyment. We strive to go beyond becoming a company that produces the best visual computing technology by acting as a shower in the visual computing market. Our goal is to develop amazing solutions to connect people’s happiness to high-end technology.
Rather than deliver quick, small solutions, VisualShower never rushes through a project. Our commitment and passion derives our team to invest all the time and resources necessary in an effort to develop solutions with a long-term vision.

    “We will do the labor-intensive work for developers around the world.”

    When middleware was introduced on the mobile platform WIPI in South Korea in 2005, we anticipated the growing need for middleware in the mobile platform industry. With this vision, we have been developing middleware since that time.
    Our middleware is able to launch products, which are written by one source with a wireless or wired integrated multi-platform development environment, to various platforms without any additional work. All products, from PC games to Smart apps, developed by VisualShower are driven by this middleware.
    The biggest advantage of this middleware is that small start-up companies, development teams, and individual users can conveniently develop products that are run on various platforms with a system-designed Mass Engine.


    “Do not sacrifice the elegance of your codes for supporting several different platforms.”

    In 2010, the combined social platform started to develop, and has been a popular topic ever since. It is a large integrated mobile platform that encompasses social gaming services, advertising management, analytics, cyber defense, and small size binary distribution, among others.
    It is designed to use many different types of platforms simply by considering the fact that most platforms such as advertising platforms, analytic platforms, social platforms, abusing defense and many others should all be able to implement similar functions.


    “It’s the most interesting work of art with technology.”

    New technology may or may not last for 10 years, but content has a permanency that can last for decades. The real creation is achieved in the field of art when content and new technologies merge.
    Visual Shower has chosen to make games from a development studio that has unlimited creative abilities.
    The game, the work of art with technology for people’s enjoyment, not only fulfills VisualShower’s creative desires, but also allows us to improve the quality of people’s lives by developing fun and entertaining products.


    “Hardware is another marriage of art and technology.”

    VisualShower’s fellow subsidiary, Circuit Shower, is an excellent hardware development studio based on high architect hardware technology. The ability to consolidate the two technologies of hardware and software is significant. This quality, which is not easily matched, has the potential for unrivalled competition from other companies.
    In order to be deeply rooted in the hardware industry, Circuit Shower has become a separate entity as the fruits of our labor. S-Pad, the micro wireless smartphone controller with a 100 nanometer process, was developed based on the multiple communication technologies Zigbee® and Bluetooth®, is a perfect example of CircuitShower’s high-end technology.

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    The ‘Visual’ in VisualShower is for visual computing, and ‘Shower’ represents both the meaning of being showered with solutions, and Show + er, which refers to those who are showing. It all means that Visual Shower will become the shower in the barren visual computing market and the people showing the best visual computing technology.
    The sharp triangle-shaped point of the letter ‘i’ in our logo symbolizes the spirit of the company and its rapid growth in the field of high end technology. The black color, a symbol of the elite, shows the company’s strong sense of excellence. The orange color of the Mandarin-shower symbolizes the polished fun of our games.


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