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“We all try to be the best by having Michelangelo’s motivation as the central figure.”

People are spending almost half of their time in their golden years at their workplace. This is why young people should spend meaningful time at work. VisualShower helps our employees learn things at work that contribute to their personal development and that will stand to them for the rest of their lives. Here at Visual Shower, all these passionate elites come together to work towards a common dream. People who are only working because of some kind of unwanted pressure will never be a good fit for our team.
VisualShower is where passionate and intelligent coworkers are sharing thoughts and running together. Such passion is what VisualShower emphasises to our people, rather than just outcomes, which sets us apart from other companies.
VisualShower is a rocket with unlimited momentum travelling through the endless universe with the right elites.

Here is an introduction to some of the people who have been with us for more than three years:

  • 조명진Mason

      Mason majored in Computer Science and graduated from Yonsei University. He has worked with us as a client programmer and participated in: Jump Paradise, Pandadog Game Party, White Island Series, Beyond the Bounds Series, Beat and Hit, and all others developed since 2007. Mason is one of VisualShower’s start-up members whose goal is to become an omnidirectional program developer not limited by a specific genre or platform.

  • 임장혁Jay

      Jay has many talents. He was once a stage actor before joining VisualShower and is knowledgeable in many different fields. Because of his broad knowledge, some non-programing work passes through his hands, but his main role is to build and manage the server, as well as network online systems.
      Networking module, Visual Shower homepage, all sorts of portals, the company’s infra system homepage development, Mail server, FTP server, Web server, Tracker system, and Platform V are all made possible by his participation.

  • 김종국Gabriel

      A guy named Gabriel who loves gaming so much was inspired by the VisualShower team, all working hard towards a common goal, and decided to join and share his vision with us. Since he has joined VisualShower, he has participated in PokePoke, Pandadoc Mini Game, White Island Series, Pandadoc Game Party, Beat and Hit, Beat & Hit for Kakao, Beyond the Bounds Series, Antsholic, Ants Pang, and VisualShower’s art work. He has now become a leader of the Style Team and has frequently been asked to lecture from KGC. Gabriel is gaining quite a reputation as an art director in the Korean gaming industry.

  • 노형준Jake

      Jake from the programmer OJT 5 class joined VisualShower as client programmer, and since 2010 holds the record for one million downloads in the shortest time period. He did the main programing for the Simple apps series and Ant-holic, and took assumed the main role for the maintenance and debugging of the Pandadoc Game Party, White Island Series, and Beat & Hit for Kakao. Jake, whose ambition is to have his name in the encyclopedia, is participating in VisualShower’s middleware development.

  • 황지웅Justin

      Justin is the most diligent programmer from VisualShower’s OJT course. Since he officially joined VisualShower in 2011, he has gradually widened his field from small projects, like the Simple App series, to main projects, such as Beyond the Bounds and Beat & Hit for Kakao. He is strong-spirited and always willing to take on challenges, making things work out that seem nearly impossible. Justin continues to grow as a valuable programing engineer of VisualShower, and recently participated in the design of the Platform V module.

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